About Emmi UK

Our ambition

Emmi is the largest Swiss milk processor, one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe and a worldwide renowned specialist for Swiss cheese.

In the home market, the company produces and trades a full range of dairy and fresh products as well as Swiss cheeses. Outside Switzerland, Emmi concentrates on brand concepts and specialities in European and North American markets. The primary focus in fresh products is on lifestyle, convenience and health products. In the cheese business, Emmi positions itself as the leading company worldwide for Swiss cheese. Emmi’s customers are primarily the retail trade, the food service sector and the food industry. The company posted net sales of CHF 2,684 million in 2010 and employs over 3,500 people worldwide.

The United Kingdom is one of Emmi’s key international markets. Our team is committed to bringing the goodness of Swiss Dairy products to the British population. The aim of Emmi UK is to be the leading Swiss Dairy supplier in the UK market by providing consumers with premium, innovative Swiss products. To reinforce our position in the UK dairy market, Emmi also sells and markets the Onken brand which it purchased at the end of 2010.

Facts & Figures

Founded: September 2006

Managing Director: Julie Plant

No. of employees: 22

Emmi UK Limited
13 Blades Court
Deodar Road
London SW15 2NU

T +44 208 875 2540
F +44 208 870 7581


Where to buy

Tesco www.tesco.com
Sainsburys www.sainsburys.co.uk
Morrisons www.morrisons.co.uk
Waitrose www.waitrose.co.uk and www.ocado.com
Co-op www.co-operative.coop/food
Spars www.spar.co.uk
Makro www.makro.co.uk
Nisa www.nisatodaysfoodstores.com
Somerfield www.somerfield.co.uk
P&H www.palmerharvey.co.uk
Bestway Cash & Carry www.bestway.co.uk
Batleys Cash & Carry www.batleys.co.uk
Whistlestop food and wine  
Emmi Swiss Cheeses Website
Morrisons www.morrisons.co.uk
Waitrose www.waitrose.co.uk and www.ocado.com
Wholefoods www.wholefoodsmarket.com/UK
Booths www.booths-supermarkets.co.uk
Speciality cheese stores www.rowcliffe.co.uk
via wholesalers www.hb-foods.co.uk