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As light as 99 balloons!






Lucerne, 18 April 2017 – Yogurt is increasingly enjoyed in Switzerland not just for break-fast but also as a popular dessert in the evening. Above all, yogurt enjoyed as a dessert needs to taste great. And since this is not only a question of flavour but also texture, Emmi has developed a light and airy, fruity yogurt mousse: Emmi Yum is available now from Swiss retailers in three varieties – strawberry and rhubarb, mango, and peach.




Yogurt is part of Switzerland’s culinary culture. On average, the Swiss reach for a yogurt around 85 times each year. Aside from consumers’ personal preferences, it is also interesting to find out why they eat yogurt. For many, yogurt is considered a healthy or practical snack. But yogurt is clearly also seen as an alternative to other possible desserts.



The search for the perfect yogurt dessert


Those enjoying yogurt for breakfast primarily want something healthy, while those having it as a dessert in the evening prefer to reach for something a little more indulgent. This type of yogurt should taste great – and if it’s natural and healthy at the same time, then all the better. Suitably inspired, Emmi developed a range of yogurt-as-dessert concepts, which were tested by con-sumers. It emerged that not only flavour but also texture is important. The yogurt mousse with real fruit pieces came out on top according to testers.



Women reach for fruit yogurts


Since women in particular tend to reach for yogurts as a dessert, Emmi took their preferences into account when it came to the range of flavours too. Our female consumers opted for straw-berry and rhubarb, mango, and peach.

Emmi Yum has been available from Swiss retailers since the end of March.




About the product



Lactose-free yogurt made from pasteurised milk, water, fruit (15 %), sugar, modified starches, gelatine, emulsifying agent, lemon juice concentrate, flavourings, thickening agent.


Nutritional information

Energy: 400 – 420 kJ (95 – 99 kcal)

Fat: 2.5 g

   - of which saturated fats: 1.5 g

Carbohydrates: 13 – 14 g

   - of which sugar: 12 g

Protein: 4.5 g

Salt: 0.08 g