Emmi scores good CO2 rating



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Emmi scores good CO2 rating






Lucerne, 15 November 2017Emmi has set itself the target of reducing its global CO2 emissions by 25 % by 2020. At the same time, Emmi is creating full transparency with regard to its greenhouse gas emissions. One of the measures the company is taking is its participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The climate experts working with this global non-profit organisation have given Emmi’s commitment the third-highest rating of B. This places Emmi well above the average both within its industry and within its region (German-speaking countries).




Once a year the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) uses standardised questionnaires to collect voluntary data and information on companies’ CO2 emissions, climate risks, targets and strategies. Various groups such as investors use this data and information as a means of evaluating companies. Political decision-makers, scientists and the media also use the CDP data to find out about companies’ climate-relevant activities and strategies.


Emmi disclosed its global emission data for the first time in the summer 2017 CDP survey. The CDP panel of experts assessed the information and data provided, found it to be above average and gave Emmi the third-highest rating of B.


Gerold Schatt, Head of Sustainability at Emmi: “This good assessment by the CDP experts confirms that we are on the right track with our emissions strategy and are addressing the key issues.”



You can find out more about CDP and Emmi’s detailed assessment in the online sustainability report.