Excellent range of cheeses at Emmi in Switzerland and abroad



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World Cheese Awards 2015







Excellent range of cheeses at Emmi in Switzerland and abroad






Lucerne, 10 December 2015More than 2,700 cheeses from all corners of the world were put to the test at this year’s World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, UK. Emmi presented 15 selected Swiss cheeses to the judging panel, of which five won a trophy, including two coveted Super Golds: the cave-aged KALTBACH Le Gruyère AOP from the Courgenay cheese dairy (canton of Jura) and Le Gruyère AOP Le Brouillet from the Bémont cheese dairy (canton of Neuchâtel). Cheeses from Emmi’s US subsidiaries Emmi Roth USA and Cypress Grove Chevre were also honoured.




Emmi is the largest cheese trader in Switzerland. The range includes cheese that the company produces itself at various production facilities as well as cheese that it purchases (annually over 30,000 tonnes). This cheese normally comes from commercial cheese dairies and is then matured, refined and packaged by Emmi. Cheese varieties such as Le Gruyère AOP or Emmentaler AOP, for instance, are produced in the region from which they originate, where they are matured for a number of months. They are then matured by Emmi for several more months, after which they are portioned and packaged by Emmi’s packaging specialists in Kirchberg according to customer wishes.


Their cheese is then marketed by Emmi across the world, including to the cheese-loving UK. Participating in global competitions – for example, in the annual World Cheese Awards in Birmingham – is one of the measures being taken to raise the profile of local trade and consumption of Swiss cheese.



Awards for Emmi cheeses from Switzerland and the US


The 2015 edition of the cheese industry’s largest international competition saw Emmi’s Swiss cheese specialities win five awards. The cross-category Super Gold awards for KALTBACH Le Gruyère AOP from Emmi’s Courgenay cheese dairy (canton of Jura) and Le Gruyère AOP Le Brouillet from the Bémont cheese dairy (canton of Neuchâtel) were particularly pleasing. A Gold award went to Wattenwil (canton of Berne) cheese dairy Grundbach’s Winzer Käse, which is intensely treated with red wine throughout its four to six-month maturation time.

KALTBACH Extra Tasty won a Silver award, the second trophy to go to a cave-aged Emmi cheese. Always a strong contender, this year’s winning Emmentaler AOP came from the Peter Röthlisberger cheese dairy in Wattenwil (canton of Berne).


Cheeses from across the pond also found their way to Birmingham, including cheeses from the two Emmi subsidiaries Emmi Roth USA and Cypress Grove Chevre. They were given three awards (one Gold and two Bronze awards), of which two went to Emmi Roth USA cow’s milk cheeses and one to a goat’s milk cream cheese with a difference: a fine layer of ash.


The World Cheese Awards have been held annually since 1988 and have been the largest international competition of this type since 2005.



Emmi cheeses honoured at the World Cheese Awards 2015






Super Gold


Hard cheese with controlled designation of origin protection

Fromagerie de Courgenay


Operations Manager: Gérald Raboud

2950 Courgenay (JU)

Super Gold

Le Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP:
aged max. 12 months

Fromagerie de Bémont

Philippe Geinoz

2128 Le Brouillet (NE)


Winzer Käse

Semi-hard cheese

Grundbach Cheese Dairy

Adrian Mayer

3665 Wattenwil


KALTBACH Extra Tasty

Hard cheese



Emmentaler AOP

Emmentaler AOP :
aged max. 12 months

Peter Röthlisberger

3045 Meikirch


Other awards



Roth Grand Cru Reserve

Category of cheeses that have won other national or international awards

Emmi Roth USA

Monroe, USA


Humboldt Fog Mini

Soft mould-ripened goat’s milk cheese,

Cypress Grove Chevre

Arcata, USA


Roth GranQueso

Hard cheese

Emmi Roth USA





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