New seasonal varieties for the cooler season



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New seasonal varieties for the cooler season





Lucerne, 1 September 2014It's exactly one-and-half years since Emmi set a new benchmark in the chiller cabinet: Three ingredients, nothing more. And they're proving popular. Since last autumn the Emmi Pure Swiss Yogurt range has comprised seven varieties.  From the beginning of September, the selection will be even bigger. With the introduction of Plum and Blood Orange, the yogurt with no hidden surprises will now be available in two popular winter varieties.




In March 2013 successfully launched a new generation of yogurts in the Swiss retail market. The idea of using just three ingredients has gone down very well with Swiss consumers, while the creamy texture and taste of Emmi Pure Swiss Yogurt is also praised in consumer surveys. That's why the Pure Swiss Yogurt range is being expanded for the second time. As the launch was planned for the autumn, blood oranges and plums, the two typical winter fruits, seemed ideal.



Outstanding raw materials    

Making fruit yogurt without flavourings means that only the tastiest fruits can be used. That's why selecting fruit for Pure Swiss Yogurt is such a high priority.


The blood oranges for Pure Swiss Yogurt come from Sicily, where the dry volcanic soil and the particular winter climate of this Italian Mediterranean island with its large daily temperature differences provide the optimum conditions for the citrus fruits to thrive. To protect themselves from the blue and ultraviolet light, the oranges in Sicily produce a particularly large amount of anthocyanins, which lend them the blood-red colour from which their name derives. These natural antioxidants are reputed to have a positive effect on health. A peculiarity of citrus fruits is that they stop ripening after they have been picked. It was therefore of great importance to Emmi's product developers and buyers to select a supplier that picked its fruits as late as possible, allowing the full flavour of the blood oranges to develop.


In contrast to blood oranges, which are grown almost exclusively in Italy, plums in general and damsons, a subspecies of the plum, in particular are grown in many European countries. For its Pure Swiss Yogurt Emmi was looking for a damson that customers could clearly identify as a damson, as the fruit has a more intensive, ripe flavour than other types of plum because it naturally contains less water. We identified a source in South Eastern Europe, where the perfect weather conditions ensure that the damsons have a particularly ripe, intensive flavour and are less acidic.



Changes in the Pure Swiss Yogurt range


The new varieties of Emmi Pure Swiss Yogurt will be available in Swiss retailers from the beginning of September.    They will be replaced by new seasonal varieties in the spring.





Emmi Pure Swiss Yogurt Blood Orange: yogurt, 16 % blood orange, sugar
Emmi Pure Swiss Yogurt Plum: yogurt, 13 % plums, sugar





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